Offix Office Furniture

The challenge

Offix, a producer and distributor of office furniture, wanted to enhance their offering in support of interior design clients. Our design challenge: How might we help interior design consultants to provide solutions for their clients?

Our approach

We recruited a sample of interior design consultants (both clients and non-clients) and conducted in-depth interviews with them to understand their needs and the needs of their clients. Based on our findings, we then converged into low-fidelity prototypes and tested these ideas with the same base.

Our solution

We designed and developed a comprehensive online catalogue for Offix office furniture, with in-depth search and filtering functionality. This also included login, download and lightbox functionality specifically tailored to the interior designers’ needs.

The result

Offix’s online catalogue offers greater flexibility, searchability and personalisation to facilitate more effective conversations between interior designers and their clients and to give interior designers greater control over their ordering experience.


Offix Office Furniture


Communication research, low-fidelity prototyping, website design & development