Reimagine your employees’ experience within your organisation.


You’ve spent time finding, recruiting, onboarding and growing your talent. Now you need them to stay and keep adding value to your team. To keep them engaged, you need to ensure their employee experience is amazing.

Not all employees are the same, so a bespoke experience needs to be designed. Simply follow and apply the below five steps to create an experience that will not only wow them, but is feasible and sustainable for your organisation.

Step 1: Create a persona & journey

Articulate an assumed role identity and their current journey experience in a facilitated co-creation session (either physical or online). This session should be conducted with members of your team that are closest to said role identity.

Step 2: Research with employees

This assumed persona and journey is now validated by interviewing the relevant employees (and possibly ex-employees) that meet the persona profile requirements. It is essential that the data gathered is unbiased and should be captured into a platform like Miro or Mural in order to be taken into the next step of synthesis and ideation.

Step 3. Ideate to solve

The current experience is synthesised and mapped across all relevant touchpoints. Key moments are identified and the biggest impact areas improvement are ranked. Themes and insights are gathered from the data, and the persona is validated and updated accordingly. A future-state (ideal) journey is then designed through ideation sessions.

Step 4: Design a blueprint

It is now essential to understand how the business will implement specific human-centred solutions to this future-state journey. All while ensuring the feasibility and viability within your organisation’s context, in the form of a co-created Service Design Blueprint.

Step 5: Create a roadmap

A roadmap is now created to articulate how the blueprint will be achieved practically. Workshops are facilitated to identify a plan of action (responsibilities, duration, activities) to take the ideas forward in an agile manner.


Book your persona session

In order to deliver an incredible employee experience for a specific role or area of your business, you need to empathise with, and understand, those employees (their motivations, aspirations, challenges and fears).

We will facilitate an online session with you to co-create this assumed persona.

  • An identified role or business area that would have the highest impact on your business.
  • A small team of individuals (management and/or executive) that would be able to contribute to the creation of this persona.
  • One hour of uninterrupted time for the online session
  • A one hour facilitated persona session
  • A detailed persona (it is important to note that this is assumed and should be validated)
  • An understanding of how to create additional personas for your organisation or team

Case Study: Discovery Health

Discovery understood that their recruitment experience for Call Centre candidates needed improving. They were aware of Design Thinking as a methodology and engaged with Tenaka to use these methods to completely reimagine this experience.


Understand the current experience and provide recommendations on not only how to improve it, but to completely reimagine it, based on validated research.


Co-create an assumed persona and as-is journey. Validate those assumptions by interviewing rejected and hired candidates, as well as Discovery recruiters. Ideate and design an ideal future-state journey based on the themes and insights gathered.

Co-create a service design blueprint and roadmap articulating how Discovery would realistically implement this ideal journey along with actions, timelines and accountability.


Discovery have already implemented the identified short-term solutions that have had a positive effect on candidates. They immediately began work on the medium-long term solutions across the entire business.

Discovery have since engaged with us to redesign the experience for Senior hires, Java developers and Interns.

“Thank you so much and well done on helping with the design and simulation of this experience in such a short period of time. It was just awesome and you are all phenomenal!”

Selo Govender, Group Head of Talent And Performance
Discovery Limited

Book your ideation session

Now that you understand your employee persona and the challenges within their experience, ideas need to be developed. Ideation (or brainstorming) is needed to truly innovate and shift this experience significantly.

We will facilitate an online session with you to come up with possible solutions.

  • An identified challenge or question that needs solving.
  • A small team of individuals (management and/or executive) that would be able to contribute ideas to solve this.
  • One hour of uninterrupted time for the online session
  • A one hour, facilitated ideation session using Design Thinking ideation techniques
  • Various ideas that can be taken forward to your business or into blueprinting
  • An understanding of how to run future sessions for your organisation or team

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