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customers want to come back for more
At Tenaka, we believe in making lives better.
We use Design Thinking to create amazing experiences
that delight your customers and employees.

When your employees feel good about their work, your customers
will want to keep buying from you.
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Turn challenges into opportunities

We know it’s tough. You’re adapting your business to stay afloat in the chaos of Covid-19’s wake. But what about your most precious resource: the humans you call your team? How do they adapt to a new way of working, and how can you make this rocky transition as smooth as possible, keeping each valued employee not only managing their every day but thriving, so that your business can make the most of this opportunity to evolve and grow. Covid-19 may seem like a curse. But if you empower your team, you can turn it into a blessing.

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We are proudly African. Born and bred under Her skies, we know Her people, we know Her land and we know Her ways. We offer world-class ideas with local, on-the-ground insights to give our clients around the world what they need, when they need it.

We believe Africa needs your business. It will be our privilege to help you expand.

Stay Safe


Please keep safe during this lockdown and know that we are here to help you wherever we can. You can use this Covid-19 portal to stay up to date with all the latest official news and make sure that you’re always aware of what’s happening.




Learning the Design Thinking Approach. Find that solution – the one you know is going to work – by first learning about the people who will use it. Dig into what you’ve learned to come up with opportunities to design. Make ideas real by building and testing until the solution is ready.