Volkswagen | Master sessions

The challenge

Volkswagen (VW) Group’s Customer Centricity Program (CCP) identified a gap in VW’s relationship with their dealers – a lack of trust and cooperation.

Our design challenge (what we aimed to solve for): How might we rebuild VW’s relationship with their dealers so that they may collaborate and cooperate in improving the customer experience?

Our approach

We collaborated with the CCP team, engaging with VW dealers and dealer principles, to find out how the CCP could improve their service to dealers. Through a coffee-themed workshop experience, we encouraged dealers to open up about some of the challenges and wins of running a VW or Audi dealership. Coffee served as a metaphor for customer service: the perfect cup comes from selecting the right bean, grinding it just the right amount, brewing at the perfect temperature. The need for detail and processes to deliver a great customer experience becomes evident. Bean There coffee joined us to demonstrate and educate the group about the perfect cup of coffee.

Our solution

The sessions showed us that a great customer relationship comes from balanced internal relationships based on trust and support. We suggested an ongoing awareness program throughout VW that would cultivate mutual respect and collaboration across divisions and lead to greater customer satisfaction.


Volkswagen | Master sessions


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