The challenge
  • Understand online shopping behaviour of millennials (trends, habits hacks & preferences)
  • Understand unique triggers and behaviours of the younger millennial segment
  • Frame learnings to inform the development of an online marketplace
Our approach

We ran focus groups, co-creation workshops, guided storytelling, concept testing and remote ethnographic research with a sample of 55 young people, ranging from 15 – 35 to understand their sentiments and desires around, retail, lifestyle experiences, travel and service.

Our solution

Derive market insights, define motivators for our particular segment and identify behaviour and overall user experience to shape the design and user experience direction of the platform and its offering.

We formed our initial insights by understanding our target market’s relationship to brands, identifying who their key influencers are, as well as forming buyer archetypes based on our findings across retail, travel, lifestyle and service.

The results

Our extensive research led us to an intimate understanding of our target market, including:

  • Their experience principles that guide their buying behaviour
  • How they relate to brands
  • Why and how they travel
  • Their preferred travel destinations
  • How they fund their travel
  • Their most important, unaddressed jobs in terms of service offerings
  • Pre-, during- and after-sales purchase behaviour
  • Key opportunities for differentiation with our platform.

All in all we played a central role in developing a user-focused platform designed to speak to the heart of a well-considered target audience.




Marketplace customer segment research & concept testing