Digicall | Business to business

The challenge

Digicall approached us with a very important need: to grow their business. They had many business strategies in place to contribute to achieving this goal, but believed that greater awareness in the market of their brand and services would strongly contribute. They suspected there was a lack of awareness, internally and externally, about what they do.

Our design challenge (what we aimed to solve for): How might we understand barriers to uptake of the entire range of Digicall products and services across Digicall’s B2B customers?

Our approach

We conducted one-on-one interviews with Digicall B2B customers and executives, did observational research with Digicall employees across their work environment, and sent out online surveys to Digicall execs and Digicall employees, group-wide. These combined methods allowed us to get a holistic view of the business.

Our solution

Discovering that a good business relationship is built on trust and connections throughout the hierarchy, it became clear that an education and unification strategy was needed.

The result

We created a new brand value proposition, customer personas and journeys, and brand and internal communications strategies – all of which depend on ongoing implementation and contribute to the greater objective of business growth through putting Digicall’s customer at the heart of what they do. Digicall is now implementing those strategies to improve its overall brand and customer service.


Digicall | Business to business


Value proposition design, customer personas and journeys, communication and brand strategies