Top 3 UX improvements to consider today

11 November 2022 Stuart McDougall

In the world of hyper-competition, consideration of the user’s experience to increase engagement and conversions is critical. Here are my top 3 UX improvements.

Mobile first

  • There are more than 6.1 billion smartphones in the world today.
  • 62% of the people who faced difficulties shopping on mobile, will be less likely to shop from the same brand in the future.

Personalised Journeys

  • 45% of customers will abandon a website if it doesn’t predict their needs. 70% of the people who are on the websites, love to read points made in bullets.

The faster the better

  • Slow-loading websites cause customers to go to competitors.
  • When the page loading speed is decreased from 8 seconds to only 2 seconds then it increases the conversions.
  • Some reports suggest companies lose around 2.6% of their revenue because of the slow loading of websites.
  • A 1-second delay can lead to a 7% reduction in expected conversions.

UX may seem a small thing but in reality, it plays the most important part in the initial step of attracting the consumer through to the conversion.