CaseWare pricing model

The challenge

In preparing to release its cloud offering, CaseWare was interested in finding out more about the relevance of its pricing model in a changing and increasingly competitive market. Our design challenge (the fundamental challenge we aimed to solve) was: How might we develop a pricing model that allows CaseWare to grow?

Our approach

We conducted qualitative and quantitative research:

  • Surveys across the entire customer base;
  • Focus groups for four market segments: CA, SAIPA, corporate, and accounting admin support;
  • Three rounds of low- to high-fidelity* prototype testing and iteration.


*Our prototype started as an Excel spreadsheet and evolved into an interactive interface with calculation functionality that allowed respondents to see total costs and discounts. The final version was developed in html that is high fidelity enough for CaseWare to incorporate into their website.

Our solution

Working closely with CaseWare, and at each stage incorporating feedback from their customers, we got clarity on what customers value and what might shift their willingness to buy certain products, creating potential new revenue for the client within the existing market. We also came to understand who fits into the target segment for this model and who doesn’t, giving CaseWare clarity about their market.

The result

The result was a more flexible pricing model that gives customers choice and increased value, presented in a usable and transparent interface. We made significant strides in the customer perception of paying only for products and services they need and use.


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