Nature’s design

2 March 2023
2 March 2023 Natasha Anand

Survival in nature often means collaborating with other members of the same species, or even other species. It’s survival of the most adaptable, not survival of the fittest.

Humans often forget the importance of working in groups.

Today’s society primarily teaches us the value of personal success. So many people want to be the best, number one, the game changer. And many of us are afraid to blend in, so we want to be noticed, seen and remembered.

In this ‘race’ we sometimes forget how satisfying and rewarding it is to work together and work together as a team. Every experience is enriched by having like-minded companions we trust. Winning a race alone is a great achievement, but finishing a race with a team can be more rewarding.

“The strength of the team is the individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

This is a charming lesson we can take from nature – the beauty in Design Thinking is the ability of each individual to work cohesively within a team to create the best solution.

Whether it’s online or in person, collaboration is imperative for innovative thinking. Hearing an idea sparks new ideas, and these build on each other leading to unique and interesting solutions that may not have been realised through individual thinking. Silent brainstorming in conjunction with discussion and engagement simply leads to great ideas!

Inspired collaboration can lead to great results – which can also be personally rewarding 🙂