Design Thinking… Designed for People by People

19 January 2023 Natasha Anand

Our quality of life depends on how we experience it and I recently tapped into the value of how design thinking influences our everyday lives.

After completing an introductory course in Design Thinking, the concept has transformed my perception of everyday items and experiences.

The principles in Design Thinking have prompted me to reflect beyond what we may personally find to be useful, interesting or convenient and to examine the psychology and research behind everyday items in order to make them user-friendly.

When it comes to our daily lives, design thinking matters because it can help to create products and intuitive experiences that make our lives simpler and easier.

One of my favourite real-life examples of how design thinking has made our lives better shows up in one of the most iconic products; Apple’s iPod was designed to simplify the complexities of a music player into a sleek and simple device that provided music listening pleasure on the go.

Personally, I also appreciate the ticketing system at retail pharmacies – a simple yet super valuable service that allows you to save time by continuing with your shopping whilst still holding your place in the queue.

The objective is to fulfill a need in the lives of others by empathising with their challenges from a human perspective.

To add delight and a positive experience. At the very least to make their lives easier in some way, shape or form.

Especially in these times when most other systems and processes create dread and frustration (have you had to renew your driver’s license recently?!).

Achieving this objective empowers the user to engage with a product or service without feeling overwhelmed but rather by enjoying fuss-free navigation.

Design Thinking drives us to create innovative solutions around users’ specific requirements – which should ultimately deliver a refreshing user experience. Easy, Effective and Engaging.