Can ChatGPT replace me as a UX Researcher?

14 July 2023 Camilla Cicatello

Since the launch of ChatGPt (and other excellent AI tools and platforms), many of us have been wondering whether their job is safe and if they could be replaced in the future.

In my role as a researcher, these are some questions I’ve been pondering (and they, of course, apply to many types of jobs):

  • Do you need people to do research?
  • Can user research exist without the user?

I think like me, many people have some fear surrounding AI and the usefulness of their skillset; however, after some research, I’ve seen that these tools can assist me with some of my work rather than replace me which is a good thing!

The question, then, instead, we should be asking is how do I harness the power of ChatGPT (and other AI tools) in my work as a researcher? 

ChatGPT can be used to:

  • Help with competitor research. This will help you save some time to quickly get a list of direct or indirect competitors as well other information about them such as market share.

  • Assist with writing interview questions 
  • Improving reporting copy
  • Streamline prototype testing. Simplify the creation of test cases and user scenarios to ensure your prototypes meet your intended goals.

“Artificial intelligence is not a replacement for humans. It’s about amplifying human potential.” – Amir Husain

What ChatGPT can’t do; however, is replace the human touch in UX design. It doesn’t have the creativity, empathy, and critical thinking skills that humans do, which are essential for understanding user needs and designing effective solutions. Therefore, the role of AI in UX research (and design) is complementary to human input rather than a replacement.

Ultimately, it would be quite difficult to apply a human-centered design approach without the humans so I think, for now, my job is safe…