Do you know who your ideal user is and have you built a persona?


A well-considered persona created for the user of your digital platform is important to guide your decisions on new platform designs and the improvement of existing digital platforms. The persona is a tool designed to help you visualize and better understand your customer segment. It is the starting point of your problem exploration journey.

The persona you create, if used correctly, will have a massive impact on designing or improving the user experience of your digital platform, as it directly affects your core customer. When you have a clear understanding of who this is (rather than targeting who you assume or want your customer to be) your digital platform will be more personalised and it will better match your users’ needs.

Step 1

Define your ideal user segment of your digital platform. This would be the group of users that you believe would benefit most from your platform, and is the ideal user according to your business model. You may have more than one, but start with the most ideal.

Step 2

Bring together a group of people within your organisation that would have the best understanding of this user segment. Personas should not be created by an individual, but rather through co-creation and discussion.

Step 3

Download our persona canvas tool and populate it together. The persona would be your best guess on who these users are and what makes them tick. Start with their background and work your way through the various steps.

This is based on your collective experience engaging with these users. It should not take more than 1 hour to complete.

Step 4

Review your persona and identify the areas that you don’t know or would like to find out more about. This persona will form the basis of the research needed to validate your assumptions. This is detailed in the next phase of our UX Process Guide.

Step 5

Repeat this process until you have created personas for all of your ideal user segments.

Keep in mind that the more personas you are creating, the more diluted your offering will become. Try to have a maximum of 5 personas you are designing for.

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