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By now you may be ready to make your prototype into a minimal viable product or MVP. To do this we suggest using the UX Agile methodology.

UX Agile is a methodology that combines the principles of Agile development with user-centred design. It involves working collaboratively with cross-functional teams to deliver iterative, user-focused solutions.

The benefits of using UX Agile include faster time-to-market, improved user experience, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced risk of project failure.

Step 1

Download our UX Agile checklist to ensure you have everything in place to implement UX agile into your business/team. Follow each step on the guide and see below summary of required steps.

Step 2

Educate and align your team. Ensure everyone on the team understands the principles and benefits of UX Agile methodology.

Step 3

Define UX goals and metrics. Establish clear UX goals that align with the overall business objectives and define key UX metrics to measure the success of your UX efforts.

Step 4

Integrate UX activities into sprints. Identify which UX activities should be incorporated into each sprint or iteration. These could include user research, user testing, information architecture, wire-framing, prototyping, and design iterations.

Step 5

Foster continuous user feedback. Schedule regular usability testing sessions with real users throughout the development process.

Step 6

Review, iterate, and improve. Hold regular retrospectives at the end of each sprint to evaluate both development and UX processes. Identify what worked well and what needs improvement.

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