Have you validated your persona and user journey?


Validating your persona and user journey through research with real users is crucial for creating a successful product or service. By conducting user research, you can gain a deeper understanding of your target audience, their needs, pain points, and motivations. This information can then be used to develop more accurate user personas and user journeys, which can guide the design and development of your product or service.

By involving real users in the research process, you can ensure that your personas and user journeys accurately reflect the real-world experiences of your target audience. This can lead to a more user-centered design, which can result in higher user satisfaction and better business outcomes. Ultimately, investing time and resources into user research can save you money in the long run by reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes or redesigns.

Step 1

Articulate your design challenge ie what you are trying to solve with your research. This will guide everything that follows.

Step 2

As a team, identify which persona(s) you want to research with. Find out from people at the extremes as well as in the mainstream, as the extremes will give you greater insights (eg. first time users vs well-versed users)

Step 3

Decide on the criteria that best suit your research objectives (eg. geographic location, online vs in person).

Step 4

Choose the type(s) of research that will give you the best results. Online surveys and focus groups are good for sentiment and data, while indepth (one-one-one) interviews allow for deeper empathy and understanding of your users’ experience, motivations and needs.

Step 5

Ensure you are asking the right research questions to meet your research goal and what you are trying to understand. Include persona & user journey questions to help you validate your assumptions from the previous steps. Here’s a set of criteria to help you hone in on your research questions:

  • Be specific
  • Be focused and relevant to what you’re trying to understand
  • Make them practical with the resources you have
  • Make them actionable

Note: Make sure you record your interview sessions (with their permission) for reference.

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