Have you formulated new ideas for your platform?


Once you have identified your insights, it’s time to start generating ideas. This is where ideation comes in. Ideation is a process of generating as many ideas as possible in a short amount of time.

During the ideation session, it’s important to encourage everyone to contribute ideas, no matter how wild or crazy they may seem. The goal is to generate a wide range of ideas that could potentially solve the problems identified in your research.

Step 1

Put up your three chosen ‘How Might We’ (HMW) questions so your team are able to see them. This can be either in a physical space or online – we would recommend using a tool like Miro. If you haven’t created these, please refer to our previous step.

Step 2

Warmup! Download our template and use the first section to draw three random squiggles. Set a time for 3 mins and turn your squiggles into at least three birds. Start with the general characteristics of birds (beak, wings, feet). This will get your brain warmed up for the next brainstorming section.

Step 3

Set a timer and brainstorm silently for 5mins on the first HMW. Each person in your team jots down as many ideas as possible (one idea per sticky note). Don’t evaluate your ideas (that will happen later) – just go for volume! Repeat for each of the HMWs you have.

Step 4

Take turns reading out your ideas to your team. Discuss them, group similar ideas together and build on them. Use the phrasing “Yes, and…”

Step 5

Vote on the ideas. Use two votes: 1) What is the most innovative/orginal idea and 2) what is the idea you’re most excited about taking forward in the design process. Now you have an idea to take into prototyping…

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