Do you have an idea of what your users are trying to solve?


The Problem Sizing Canvas is a tool that helps teams identify, size, and prioritize problems in a structured and systematic way. It helps teams understand the root cause of problems and how they impact the business.

Using the Problem Sizing Canvas can help teams:

  • Clearly define the problem
    By breaking down the problem into smaller, more manageable parts, teams can better understand the root cause of the issue and how it impacts the business.
  • Prioritise problems
    The canvas helps teams understand the relative importance of different problems, allowing them to prioritise their efforts and allocate resources accordingly.
  • Communicate effectively
    The canvas provides a clear and visual representation of the problem, making it easy for teams to communicate and discuss it with stakeholders.
  • Solve problems more efficiently
    By focusing on the most impactful problems first, teams can make the most of their time and resources and drive real business impact.

In short, the Problem Sizing Canvas is a valuable tool for any team looking to understand, prioritise, and solve problems in a more effective and efficient way. It helps teams drive real business impact and create better products and experiences for their users.

Step 1

As a team, review your persona and decide which problem or pain point you would like to assess and explore further.

Step 2

Individually complete the problem sizing canvas using your best guesses, understanding and simple searches. Make sure to write down your key assumptions and benchmarks.

Step 3

Compare your notes and work together as a group to fine-tune your problem sizing canvas.

Step 4

Have a team discussion to decide whether the problem size is big enough to continue with problem validation interviews, or whether you should pivot and focus on a different problem – in which case, restart this canvas with another identified user problem.

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