Jen is a design thinker and innovator with a background in IT and software development. In this episode we discuss how corporates miss opportunities for growth because of a reluctance to embrace the ‘non-traditional’ design thinking approach to problem solving.

Jen’s view is that, rather than just applying the methodologies, the critical thing is to change the mindset of people within organisations wanting to implement design thinking. Businesses are made up of humans; design thinking should be customised for those humans before it is applied to the humans we are trying to serve. This is how we develop a loyal base of internal supporters who believe in the value of the data we collect from the end user.

When organisations adopt design thinking, they are changing things they have been doing for years – it’s not as simple as a design thinking team working in isolation in a back office; design thinking fundamentally changes the way you do business.

We talk about the balance between keeping humans at the centre of the process, the financial investment and the ROI of implementing design thinking to optimise the solution. We also touch on the importance of accepting and learning from failure.

If you are interested in implementing design thinking in your organisation, share this podcast with executives so that they understand the impact on the organisation as well as the humans it serves.

If you are unfamiliar with design thinking, listen to episode 1, where we discuss the methods and mindsets of design thinking and clear up some of the terminology.