Welcome to season 2 of Great minds design thinking alike. In this episode, we speak to James van der Westhuizen, the owner and founder of Knowhouse, which turned 21 the week we did this podcast – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

James chats to us about what he believes to be the next revolution in design thinking and taking the next step for innovation transformation to happen within organisations. We talk about the organisational changes that need to happen for innovation to take place, with a specific look at organisational design and leadership support in relation to business strategy and how design thinking, empathy and the other mindsets and tools can be applied and incorporated.

We also take a look at elements such as prototyping and capital funding of innovation and ideation, to ensure that the innovative ideas that originate as part of the design thinking process, are actually implemented and embraced by the organisation.

We talk extensively about business model innovation that will be required for businesses to survive and thrive during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. We also talk about taking design thinking virtual and creating online, virtual spaces for design thinking training and design thinking studios in companies. What is working really well in these virtual spaces, as well as the pitfalls thereof.

Listen to the full podcast here